About me

About me

I do admit: I disliked history in my schooldays! Which perhaps was partly due to the topics covered, such as the “History of the SED” (means former communist party in East Germany)…
My interest in history started to grow during my studies of German literature- after all, history is relevant when studying many social developments, whether in literature, art, architecture or philosophy.

Even at this time, the medium of books fascinated me and how reading became a popular hobby at the end of the 19th century. At first, I went in a different direction professionally, but in my spare time I became interested in antique books.

One day, at a flea market, I discovered an old annual edition of a 1907 weekly magazine. It presented a colourful mix of political events, recipes, practical advice, advertisements, and sequels to novels. This vivid impression of life at that time inspired me and so I started collecting more magazines, books and documents of that time.

Since I was unable to find a contemporary book that describes or illustrates the everyday life of people at the beginning of the 20th century and I think that this would interest other people as well, I had the idea for a book project. However, I initially underestimated this project!

Since I did not want to write by myself without any external feedback, I founded the website and the blog “Bürgerleben” (in German: life of the citizens).

This way, I can introduce you to different topics relevant at the time, for example:

  • How did people cook and bake back then? I cook some dishes from cookbooks from this time
  • Summer vacation – how did people enjoy their holidays?
  • How were their apartments furnished?
  • From being driven to driving themselves- the creation of two car brands

Additionally, I can offer further background information for all those interested in the monthly section “What happened 110 years ago” and the series “Where does my family come from?”.

I would be happy to hear your feedback and comments.

Happy reading!




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I am happily available for lectures or readings on “Bürgerleben” topics.